Monday, June 11, 2007


In case you were wondering, we can indeed take payments via Paypal. Just e-mail me and I'll send you back relevant details.

The e-mail address is on the sidebar...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Updated Flyer Art

There are updated flyers linked on the Right Hand Side.


Sunday, June 03, 2007


I'm looking for a handful of Volunteers, mostly to hold in reserve, in case of problems at the con.

I'd like to find the following people:

Front Desk Crew:
Duties are -
  • Man the front desk for a 2 hour stint.
  • Taking memberships and money
  • Answering basic questions.
AV Crew:
Duties are -
  • Be on hand for a 4 hour shift to help with AV set up at the beginning of each panel
  • Patiently explaining how to work said AV equipment
  • Jury rigging solutions to plugging wierd hardware in.
Security / Runner Crew:
Duties are -
  • Be on hand for a 4 hour shift to help keep everything running smoothly.
  • Just keep an eye out for people being idiots, and politely suggest they stop. (It is not your job to be a bouncer. In case of trouble, you escalate quickly up to committee / hotel staff)
  • Gopher messages / small items between various other volunteers / committee.
  • Be on hand to assist with a variety of small fiddly jobs.
I'll be providing a can of softdrink and a chocolate bar of some sort for every person helping on the day.

e-mail me if you can help!

Updated programme

A revised Programme is up here.

If you'd like to be on any panel, or you'd like to provide feedback, please contact me

I'd really like to get some new blood to talk about things at this con, so feel free to volunteer or alternatively, dob in a mate!