Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A new announcement: CyPEC -the Australasian summit of cyberfeminism

I am pleased to announce an expansion of the scope of Night's Edge with the addition of CyPEC - the Australasian summit of cyberfeminism. Thanks to an enthusiastic volunteer, CyPEC will be joining us at the Convention.

This will add a greater scope of programming and hopefully make for a much more enjoyabe and rounded convention.

To quote from the CyPEC web page:
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the First Cyberfeminist International, the KanguerillaGirls collective will host a series of discussions within Night’s Edge, a cyberpunk conference being held at the Emerald Hotel, Perth, 8th – 10th November 2007.

Cyberfeminists from near and far are invited to join us for cyberfeminist discussion and celebration. Panels and discussions planned include ‘cyberfeminist herstory and cyberfeminism now’, ‘open source for grrls’, ‘I’d rather be a cyborg than a goddess’ and the launch of the project ’52 ways – a year long exploration into cyberfeminist artivism’.

An account of the summit will be recorded and sent to Faith Wilding as Perth’s contribution to the Cyberfeminist Discussion taking place in Berlin the following week.

To register your interest in participation or suggest a panel/discussion please email sajbrfem (at)

Welcome them aboard! A new revised programme will be coming shortly.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Expanded list of duties for Volunteers

Want to help the con? Turn up!
Want to help the con more and have a lot of fun? Volunteer to be on a Panel!
Want to help the con a lot? Become a Volunteer! I have expanded the details of the list of what volunteers would be asked to do, to emphasize that this is an easy job. (Remember, a soft drink and a choccie bar to every volunteer!)

Front Desk Crew:
Duties are -
  • Man the front desk for a 2 hour stint. You will be part of a 2 person team. There will be 3 people on for the first 2 hours.
  • Handing out Convention badges (Creating if needed. The Badges will be pre-printed so you'll only have to add the name to it)
  • Taking money and giving receipts.
  • Answering basic questions such as "where are the toilets?" and "which room is this panel in?"
AV Crew:
Duties are -
  • Be on hand for a 4 hour shift to help with AV set up at the beginning of each panel. Once you have checked your panel is OK on the AV front, feel free to run off for whatever you like. This is expected to only be a 5 minute job every hour.
  • Patiently explaining how to work said AV equipment, if needed. This may be as simple as turning on an Amplifier or as complicated as setting up dual screen mode. If you get stuck, there will be plenty of people to help you so don't get stressed.
  • Jury rigging solutions to plugging wierd hardware in. Macintoshes are famous for needing magic cables. A large number of "magic" cables will be on hand.
Security / Runner Crew:
Duties are -
  • Be on hand for a 4 hour shift to help keep everything running smoothly. You are not expected to "be" anywhere other than at the con, so feel free to attend panels or relax in the common areas.
  • Just keep an eye out for people being idiots, and politely suggest they stop. (It is not your job to be a bouncer. In case of trouble, you escalate quickly up to committee / hotel staff)
  • Gopher messages / small items between various other volunteers / committee.
  • Be on hand to assist with a variety of small fiddly jobs. This includes moving boxes of stuff, showing people to places, finding missing panelists.

The Con is coming! The Con is coming!

The con is only a few months away, and things are happening once again.

If you are interested on being on any panels or presentations (Especially if you have never been on one before) please contact me (E-mail details on the right) straigt away and I can pencil you in! Small cons like these are a great way to start doing panels and presentations.

If you don't like the look of any panels, suggest one! Better yet, grab some friends and populate the whole panel! I'd love to hear from you!