Monday, November 12, 2007

We Survived!

Night's Edge is over. Thank you everyone who showed up!

In particular I'd like to thank my Co-organizers Sarah and Sarah.

I'd also like to thank my volunteers, Lisa, Sheldon, Damian, Jenny, Ken and Mel (And various people who helped for a bit while I was elsewhere.)

Next up my two great guests Simon and Stephen.

My panelists also deserve a big thumbs up, and a lot of appreciation.

Finally a thanks to all the people who turned up. You were (as always) a great crowd.

...and now, coming soon: Wasteland II: The Age of Iron


OpenID meljane said...

It was a way cool con and we didn't mind volunteering at all and it was lots of fun *hugs*.

Next time I'll see if we can come to the con longer (well if we can afford to ) and I think Ken and I would both be up for volunteering again .

11:13 am  

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