Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nght's Edge is THIS week

In less than ONE week is CyPEC and Night's Edge!!

Guest of Honour is Stephen Dedman
Fan Guest of Honour is Simon Oxwell
Where: The Emerald Hotel
When: 10 and 11th of November (CyPEC is Saturday Only)
Full Membership: $50
Saturday Day Pass: $35
Sunday Day Pass: $30

Please note, day passes are NOT upgrade-able. If you decide to come for a
second day, you will need to pay the full day pass rate ($30) for Sunday.


Prepayments are STILL acceptable until WEDNESDAY! They must be complete by
Wednesday 7th of
November! On the day payments are CASH ONLY THANKS.

Bonuses for pre-payments:
- Free chocolate freddo!
- Queue line dedicated *only* to prepaid members to ensure speed of entry
- Named programme tag
- Makes Sarah, John, and Sarah happy *grin*

How can I prepay?
- Fantastic Planet Bookshop
- Direct Deposit into
Sarah and John Parker
BSB: 736001
Please email us and ensure your last name is in the "COMMENT" field of the
- via Paypal (which means we/you can use your credit card) please email us
for more info on Paypal payments.

Night's Edge and CyPEC are shaping up to be a fantastic conference,
combining the wild flights of cyberpunk novels with the wild flights of
cyberpunk possibilities. If you have any topics or would like to participate
in panels, please email us directly and let us know!

Please feel free to forward this email or message onto any email list, LJ
community, or special interest group you think is appropriate. In fact, you
are strongly encouraged to do so!


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