Sunday, June 03, 2007


I'm looking for a handful of Volunteers, mostly to hold in reserve, in case of problems at the con.

I'd like to find the following people:

Front Desk Crew:
Duties are -
  • Man the front desk for a 2 hour stint.
  • Taking memberships and money
  • Answering basic questions.
AV Crew:
Duties are -
  • Be on hand for a 4 hour shift to help with AV set up at the beginning of each panel
  • Patiently explaining how to work said AV equipment
  • Jury rigging solutions to plugging wierd hardware in.
Security / Runner Crew:
Duties are -
  • Be on hand for a 4 hour shift to help keep everything running smoothly.
  • Just keep an eye out for people being idiots, and politely suggest they stop. (It is not your job to be a bouncer. In case of trouble, you escalate quickly up to committee / hotel staff)
  • Gopher messages / small items between various other volunteers / committee.
  • Be on hand to assist with a variety of small fiddly jobs.
I'll be providing a can of softdrink and a chocolate bar of some sort for every person helping on the day.

e-mail me if you can help!


Blogger Simon said...

I would say maybe put me down for an AV slot, if you're desperate, but I somehow don't think I'm allowed. ^_^;;

1:09 pm  
Blogger Night's Edge said...

Yup, you are quite correct. I will, however, expect you to be capable of handling your own AV requirements...

1:15 pm  

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